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Going Big With Nokia

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The Nokia collaboration is very easily one of our biggest corporate tie ups. We came in touch with Nokia when one day we got an email from them which spoke about a potential collaboration. Nokia came to know about us through an all Chennai radio advertisement that was played throughout Chennai.

We got back to them and very soon we set up a meeting with the Nokia team at the Nokia headquarters in OMR, Chennai. At our meeting we finalised and discussed various important things such as how many toys we were expecting , where we would donate these toys and in what time frame we were supposed to execute the task.

We were going to receive our largest toy drive donation with toys coming from about 3000 employees working at Nokia. We had the perfect place in mind to donate these toys to: the 50+ villages we were connected to through Great Lakes University.

The partnership was confirmed and we had a lot of work ahead of us. Everything was in place and all set to go. The toys were collected from the employees over a week. Finally we collected the toys in a large tempo traveller and embarked on our second initiative under the rural outreach program.

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