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Mask Donation with Aware India

The spread of COVID-19 early in the month of march, had suspended all toy joy operations as India went into lockdown. During this time we were unable to provide toys to hundreds of children who had been waiting for them eagerly.

We soon realised that at the time children needed to be safe more than anything else, and many of the children did not have access to basic protective masks. That’s when the Toy Joy Foundation in collaboration with Aware India- an organization that fights for gender equality and domestic rights-decided to conduct a mask drive. With the help of funding received from DRA Builders we were able to purchase white cloth masks for 200 families of migrant workers and their children who had been displaced during this pandemic.

Aware India then took on the responsibility of distributing these masks to families all across Chennai. We hope our efforts have contributed to the safety and well being of these families.

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