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Rural Outreach Program With Great Lakes Institute

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

After conducting multiple toy drives and collecting a large number of toys we were ready to take it to the next step and make a donation to children outside of the city.

We contacted several organisations and finally came in touch with Great Lakes Institute who were more than happy to help us.

As a team we really wanted to go and make the donation in person to interact with the children and impact them in a more direct manner.

On 22nd December 2019 we packed up all the toys departed on the long journey to the institute.

They had organised a van to take us to three villages in the area. We loaded all the toys, which filled up more than half the van, and embarked on the journey which truly changed our perspective on the whole process.

We were able to reach out to over 100 children across the three villages donating over 200 toys.

To make things interesting we played games and the winner got a special toy. From a quiz to a game of cricket we played them and all.

But the children were not the only ones who benefited from the journey. We learned to play with a stick and tire, a popular game among the children, and goli, a game played with marbles.

The smiles that came to the faces of the children was very fulfilling and made us realise the importance of what we were doing and how much we were impacting the lives of these children. It made us want to expand and spread more joy to several children. Plus Ultra.

For us to keep doing this and keep impacting lives we really do need your help so please help us bring joy by donating a toy.

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